Easy and cost-effective way to comply with traceability requirements and regulations

Any type of tags

RFID, QRCode or Barcode - choose any GS1 technology that is best suited for your products and add traceability information with ease.

Immutable Ledger

Open source blockchain technology that allows to own your data and share as much information as needed across public and private channels.

Mobile App

No additional expensive hardware needed. Everything can be done with your phone through our Android or iPhone mobile app.

Why use Tracee?

Do you need to comply with Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) traceability requirements or Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) program? Do you want to start using traceability solution used by Nestlé, Walmart, Albertsons, Tyson Foods, Unilever and Carrefour? Are you required to post transactions on IBM Food Trust blockchain?


Tracee is a mobile app that helps small companies to participate in a global trade by allowing them to add traceability information to supply chain solutions that are enforced by governments, distributors and retailers. It allows to scan QR-codes, 1D/2D barcodes and RFID tags with an iPhone/Android mobile device and add tracking information to blockchain at any point of a production and/or distribution system.



Meet Our Team

Over 100 years of combined experience. Some things get better with age.
Alexey Iskrov

Alexey Iskrov


Seasoned IT professional with 20+ years of experience in enterprise and database solutions turned entrepreneur. Founded Rolulo in February 2018.

Alex Gruntsev

Alex Gruntsev


Before joining Rolulo as CTO served as Chief Innovation Officer at PressReader for 20+ years and started his own blockchain company Waivio.

Alex Ovchinnikov

Alex Ovchinnikov

Sr. Blockchain Developer

Experienced Blockchain Engineer with 30+ years in software development. Recent projects include a design of blockchain solution for Gazprom - one of the largest company in the world.

Ulugbek Tadjibaev

Ulugbek Tadjibaev

Sr. Fullstack Developer

Self-taught developer with 10+ years of development experience in mobile and web applications. One of the recent achievements was building marketing SaaS platform from scratch.

Dmitry Dyachenko

Dmitry Dyachenko

Sr. Mobile Developer

Multi-platform mobile expert with dozen projects under his belt. Passionate about open source Flutter framework and always learning new technologies.

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